McAskill's Woodworking

McAskill Woodworking Ltd. is located on Prince Edward Island in Canada.


PEI or "the Island " as we call it, is a small place with a population of 130,000.


In the summer, we are a tourist destination with  about 900,000 visitors per year.


Beautiful beaches, warm water, theater and a vibrant night life, make it a great place to live and visit. 


We are famous for our friendly people, beautiful countryside, Anne of Green Gables and a history of talented artisans and crafts people.


Furniture Past and Present

My father Danny started the company in 1947.

This is a picture of my dad in 1950, polishing  a communion table built for one of the local churches.

McAskills has built chancellery furniture for over twenty churches on Prince Edward Island .

Throughout my father's working life he built a reputation of quality craftsmanship that is carried on until this day by myself and the talented people that work with me.

Charlottetown , the capital of Prince Edward Island , is the seat of Confederation for

Canada .


As such there is a large collection of historic properties and stately homes.


We are proud to do the furniture restoration work for many of the museums and historic properties on PEI .


We build reproduction furniture to meet the needs of these buildings in their modern every day contexts.


We have produced pieces for the Lieutenant Governor’s residence and the Legislative Assembly.

A reproduction bed step made for the Queen's bedroom at Fanningbank.

Interesting fact:

  We were commissioned to build a matching mahogany arm chair for the Regency dining room chair set at Fanningbank.


This was for the occasion of the 1983 Royal visit of Prince Charles and Lady Dianna. At the time there was only one arm chair with the dining set.      



Gifts for Special Occasions

Birds-eye maple is a wood native to prince Edward Island .


When I started making woodcrafts I wanted something that represented PEI .


The beauty of birds-eye is in the unique patterns of the grain around the eyes.


A large portion of the craft items we make are made from birds-eye, but we have since branched out (forgive the pun) to woods from the world over.


Our on line store allows you to choose a gift or presentation item from the comfort of your home or office.


We can imprint any text or artwork on most of your gift of choices. We also have a selection of crafts from other PEI and Maritime artisans.